Cum Town Live!

Cum Town Live!

Cum Town is an American comedy podcast hosted by Brooklyn comedians Nick Mullen and Stavros Halkias, along with Adam Friedland. Launched in 2016,[1] the series is funded through fan donations via Patreon and consists of weekly free episodes released via iTunes, Shoutengine, and Soundcloud, and premium episodes and further content released exclusively to Patreon subscribers.

The podcast has a very loose structure, with the hosts and their guests discussing events from their personal lives, the news, the worlds of stand-up comedy and social media, and pop culture history in their distinctively dark, twisted, ironic and surreal style which borders on anti-humour. These free-wheeling discussions are punctuated by semi-improvised skits, impressions and characters often initiated by Mullen. Guests on the show include Brandon Wardell, David Cross, Jim Norton, Dan Soder, along with lesser known comedians such as Jake Flores and Ian Fidance.

The show has a large cult following and is ranked as Patreon's most popular adult podcast and 15th most popular project.[2] Nevertheless, its politically incorrect nature has caused controversy, with some doubting the humour's ironic intent.


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Patrons ages 18-20 pay a $2 surcharge at the door * Please note...this is general admission show with limited seating available on a first-come-first-served basis. Once all seats are taken, the show will be standing-room-only.

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