Dungeons & Drag Queens

Dungeons & Drag Queens

THIS SHOW IS AN ALL AGES EVENT! Bring your kids and bring your basilisk!

I am so excited to announce the next installment of DUNGEONS & DRAG QUEENS! On June 23rd, the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern will host a glamorous evening at the Vampires Ball!

Come play an actual game of D&D from 8-10 with our Dungeon Master, Bubs Brian O'Connor (All experience levels welcome. Show up at 8. ALL ARE WELCOME!)

Showtime at 10pm. 5$ at the door which includes a free sign up for the D&D themed rock, Paper, Scissors contest which could win you a fabulous mystery prize!

Roll for initiative!
Performances by Sonshine La Ray ( Sonni Thomas ), Kimmy Katarja (Luka Black ) and our out of town guest, Miss Ember Holiday Monroe! Hosted by the nerdy Glamour Queen of Drag and Draglesque, Samantha Echo!



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