THE WITHERS, Daisycutter, Electric Howlers

THE WITHERS are a 5-piece punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA. THE WITHERS have a diverse sound that incorporates elements of soul, 60's girl groups, garage, funk, and psychedelia.

Ben Lowrie-Vocals and Guitar
Felipe Garza: Guitar and Vocals
Kris Huayta: Guitar and Vocals
Davey Shook: Bass
Julien Palito: Drums

Electric Howlers

Electric Howlers is a Corona/Riverside at based band. We have a very wide range of musical influences that have created our unique rock and roll sound. With Captain Mondo banging on the drums, Big Bad Blues Daddy shredding lead guitar, David Doom holding down the Rhythm, Big Papi slapping the bass like it owes him money and she bear hitting notes on the mic that will make you tingle from your head all the way down your toes



  • 9:00 - Daisycutter
  • 9:45 - Electric Howlers
  • 10:35 - The Withers

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