THE WITHERS, Daisycutter, Electric Howlers, Here's To Now

THE WITHERS are a 5-piece punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA. THE WITHERS have a diverse sound that incorporates elements of soul, 60's girl groups, garage, funk, and psychedelia.

Ben Lowrie-Vocals and Guitar
Felipe Garza: Guitar and Vocals
Kris Huayta: Guitar and Vocals
Davey Shook: Bass
Julien Palito: Drums


It's Rock'n'Roll mother F**kers.

Electric Howlers

Electric Howlers is a Corona/Riverside at based band. We have a very wide range of musical influences that have created our unique rock and roll sound. With Captain Mondo banging on the drums, Big Bad Blues Daddy shredding lead guitar, David Doom holding down the Rhythm, Big Papi slapping the bass like it owes him money and she bear hitting notes on the mic that will make you tingle from your head all the way down your toes

Here's To Now

Here's To Now officially started in December 2016 as Joey Hernandez (vocals, bass), David Rios (drums), and Pedro Martinez (guitar) disbanded their old project "Midnight Embers." The group has been making music together since meeting each other in 2014 in their small west Texas hometown, Snyder. Their love for music resulted in the band spending many afternoons in a cellar playing their instruments to classics from Nirvana, The Beatles and others.. After performing at local events and recording a small demo, the band decided to pack up their things and pursue a career performing music.

The band has since relocated to Los Angeles, California after recording a second demo with Curtis Casey, formerly of Vayden.

The band has performed multiple live shows in local Los Angeles venues, such as Howl at the Moon and the Viper Room. After line-up changes, as well as changes in the band's sounds, they have organically created music that reflects each member's potential and palette of sounds. The band is influenced by band's such as Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance and many others.

They are currently in the process of writing and polishing new material to be recorded and released before the end of the year, as well as playing local shows in and around Los Angeles.



  • 9:00 - Daisycutter
  • 9:45 - Electric Howlers
  • 10:35 - The Withers
  • 11:45 - Here's To Now

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