SUNDAY METAL SUNDAY PRESENTS: Carnivora, Stillborn Prodigy, Radiatrix


Fans of At The Gates and Darkest Hour, you want this. If the blistering main riff doesn’t induce chair-moshing right away, just wait for the arena-ready harmonized leads once the guitar solo shows up. The track’s breezy 4 minutes blow by in what feels like half that time – even as I’m writing this, I’ve hit the replay button quite a few times already. It’s just one of four tracks on the band’s upcoming EP, 'The Vision,' and every minute of that release rips just as hard." - Metal Insider

"'A Vision In Red' is the EP’s opening song. The song blends together riffs that alternately swarm and jab, a flurry of pugilistic drum strikes, and a couple of flickering, spiraling guitar solos that really light up the song like a Roman candle — not to mention a nimble, thrumming bass line and some bleeding-edge vocal excretions." - No Clean Singing

"What is most noticeable throughout for this new Carnivora EP is the levels of musicianship, diversity, and dynamics that have been taken into consideration – the leads, the transitions, and the thick production values rival what you would expect from the larger, signed bands in the modern thrash/death scene." - Dead Rhetoric

"Live, Carnivora is a whirling behemoth. An onslaught of power, precision, and fantasy, they offer up a brilliant heavy metal fantasy with an artful and crystallized countenance. Michaud and Meehan are axe masters who shred in a sort of classic “Gothenburg melo-death” style (At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, In Flames); Lentine is an inspired hardcore and death metal front man; Hunt is a progressive and sculpted bass player who completes each architectural structure with absolute resolve; and DeLucia is a drummer that is as technical as he is interstellar, orbiting around the complete whole of the band, offering depth and nuance. The band pushes, pulls, and rages, and in a lush whirlwind, they manage to forge a special séance with every performance: each show stronger than the one before." - Ithaca Times

Stillborn Prodigy

Death Metal/Couch Core Straight Outa The Coconut Sex Dumpster.


Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal from Canton, OH.



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