Oregon Space Trail Of Doom

In a land that never was, housed three people that never were. Drifting on the light waves of ghost stars, these cosmic cowboys have but one intention: to create a musical score for the impending interstellar apocalypse.

Arms & Armour

Arms & Armour is a two-piece band. It is loud. We’re something between electronic and sludge metal. That is all.

Istvan Medgyesi

Istvan Medgyesi is a working musician in Cleveland, Ohio. He plays somewhere between the dark heart of song in the tradition of the 1970's greats and the experimental urges of the seriously avant-garde. His work is urgent and immediate. One gets the sense that he's living the songs as much as playing them.

Performing on various acoustic and electronic instruments, listeners can hear the echoes of an array of musical traditions intertwined with modal explorations and occasional forays into noise and drone. From raga based acoustic compositions to random voltage generated melodies, the focus is on the unifying factors of sound and style.


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This show will be DIY-style on the Ballroom Floor!

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