Yung Baby Tate

Yung Baby Tate

Tate is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, composer, dancer, actress, entertainer, and just an all around talented chick.

Lyve Harmon

Philadelphia Native, Kadeem Ahmadiyah Harmon ( born feb 1st , 1989 ) is a rapper/songwriter. As a recording artist, he goes by the stage name Lyve Harmon. Bringing to the music scene a vibrant style and psychedelic induced rhymes his style/genre of music can be explained in no better way than to call it,“Psychedelic Hip Hop”. Lyve started writing music at the age of 14 (2003) in hopes of becoming a well respected artist in Philadelphia and beyond, at the age of 19 (2008) Lyve helped start a colorful high energy group called Blonde Gang in Philadelphia. Blonde Gang became a movement within the city, helping to pave the way for Philadelphia artists who weren't exactly hardcore rappers. This group of Afro-Punk artists, amassed a following ranging respectably in the tens of thousands in the Philadelphia market alone. This gang of unorthodox misfits quickly became a household name in Philadelphia and is one of the first indie groups within the Tri State, with no backing to sell out a Live Nation stage. They've sold-out Philadelphia’s very own TLA (theater of living arts), which is a major feat for any indie artist.

In the wake of a mutually beneficial split of the “BG Nation,” Lyve Harmon began defining his genre and refining his approach to making good music. With the help of his team, Lyve is poised for stardom, due to an aggressive marketing approach for 2017. Lyve will also look to feature key artists on his 2017 project, which will showcase a cast of equally consistent recording artists from all over the nation. With an emphasis being placed on making hits with artists residing in the major markets first. So as you can see, the sky is the limit and now is the time to connect with Lyve Harmon.

HpN Hallie

Mars Parker

Named after the God of War, Musician, Videographer and editor. The Philly native is far more Artistic than normal,his audacious yet unworldly demeanor shapes his character bringing you a sound like never before. In a world where trends are at an all time high, his curiosity  to explore new sound and vibrations are somewhat godly. Mars Parker is "Music".

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