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DAANI is a surprise one, two musical power punch that gently grazes you with the most alluring right hook. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Carmen MacRae, combined with the 90’s power combo of Celine and Mariah, rounded off with modern day sensibilities akin to Sia and Jessie Ware, she has created her own distinctive musical melange. Her sound is a refreshing mix of understated pop with a subtle intensity, revealing colorful lyrics that span sadness to humor, strength to vulnerability while always being inspired from a strong sense of self that desires to experience more.

“At the heart of everything I do or say or create, I want authenticity to be at the heart of it. With all forms of social media, it can be so easy to slip into a state of self-questioning because you think you should be more, do more, look more, say more; and it all stems from people not being comfortable enough to share their true selves. I want people to feel like we could have a conversation and hang out together instead of looking at some mysterious/over sexualized photo and A)see though it, or B) feel a disconnection. There’s so much hardship in the world and one of the few, pure things we have, for free, is genuine human interaction, and I really value that. In music, in relationships, in the energy we put out into the world."

Karen Hardy is a Pop/Soul artist from New Jersey who brought her stirring hooks to Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2017. Karen’s sound is often compared to the likes of Ariana Grande, Sza, and Tori Kelly, with a voice that’s said to be “sweet and smooth like honey”. Karen was surrounded by music at a young age, from musicals at summer camp to her Dads love of The Beatles and Martin guitars. At the age of 15, Karen picked up the guitar herself and immediately began experimenting with writing songs. She left public high school at 16 to allow more time for her craft and got her diploma online. Karen released her debut EP “Clouds” in June of 2017 and on October 19th, she will be releasing her debut single “Never Do”.

Kate Puckett is a powerhouse pop artist with soul. Her relate-able, down-to-earth presence both on and off the stage, her powerful, soulful voice, and her refreshing, encouraging songwriting are making waves in the music industry.

Her long-anticipated solo EP, "Break", released in January 2017 under Nashville label, Legalized Crime Productions, followed by her newest single, "Dance Now" on 7/7/2017.

"Kate Puckett connects vocally with every lyric of every song and leads with power, sensitivity, and sophistication of singers well beyond her years."
-Kim Steinhauer, President-Estill Voice International

​"The great thing about this artist is that she is the same person in real life as she is in videos or on stage. I have had the privilege of knowing Kate for probably about 6 or 7 years, invited her to sing for our youth, a concert I promoted, Cotaco, and our church. I encourage you to get to know her music and have her out to sing for your next event!"
-Michael Walters

"Kate has a mature sound. Within her heavenly voice is the innate desire to foremost share the love of God while simultaneously rocking your face off with the tousle of her red hair."
-Joy Berry, Head of Soulstock Festival

"Kate was able to blend two genres seamlessly, electronic/pop and soul. Her voice is both smooth and soaring throughout "Break".
-Noah Rabe, Artist/Founder of Monumental Movement

​"Kate Puckett sings with such passion, and her presence encompasses an entire room. I do not think its a stretch to liken her to artists like Adele, Whitney Houston, or Norah Jones with her ability to take every note and use it to make you smile or break your heart."
-Ryan Jump, Filmmaker

Musical Neon. That's Lo. Infectious production plus equal parts sass and quirk, this West Coast native speaks in melody and lives in perpetual rhythm. While her music is chock full of immaculate ear candy and a vocal performance that is unapologetically unique, this Nashville transplant cut her teeth as a dancer first, landing features in ESPN, ABC, and USA Today in her early professional life. While her dance career landed plenty of accolades, Lo's music caught the ear of Dr. Luke's Prescription Songs in 2017, where she signed on as one of their first Nashville writer/producers, becoming a vanguard to the burgeoning pop scene in music city. With 'Good Good' slated as her debut single, this Nashville-based artist is poised to make a loud statement that Nashville pop is armed and ready to go. With a sound that toes the line between bombastic Top 40 melodies and the sonic edge of what's bubbling under, there's no denying the buzz that comes from her bass-rattling catalog. World, meet Lo.

Nancy Daines


Florida-native artist, Nilka, is transcending the alternative-pop genre with her fluid vocals and
cinematic music. Nilka fell in love with creating songs as a young girl fusing her thoughts to a
string of notes with lyrics originating back to the early age of 9. Five years later she taught
herself how to play guitar, cementing her melody-lyric combinations and her pensive songs
became like entries in a journal. Songwriting was a way for Nilka to confront experiences in her
life and music became her outlet. Throughout grade school, she participated in different bands
and choirs where she became fascinated with the impression symphonic music could leave on
an audience and inspired by a broad spectrum of genres from Motown to Folk music. During the
summer of 2014, Nilka relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where she continues composing
songs that narrate life encounters aspiring to connect with listeners through her music.
Currently, Nilka is releasing a collection of singles throughout the year of 2017 which has been
titled "Year of the Escape" and defined by Victoria Henderson, of Music Update Central and
Nashville Unsigned, as “a self-meditating journey that makes you feel as if you’re a part of
something bigger than yourself." Nilka strives to captivate her listeners with a soul-moving
experience and provide an escape from the mundane outlook on life, compelled to reveal a
unique and authentic perspective of this world. Find music by Nilka on all music platforms and
visit www.nilkamusic.com to learn more.



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