Emily Rath, Morrison Conway, The So Lows

Emily Rath, singer/songwriter from the Bay Area, is well on her way into an exciting musical career. She started singing at age 3 and at 16, she began writing her own music and performing originals at small venues, festivals, showcases and the like. Emily has opened for musicians such as Jason Reeves, Tyler Ward, Delta Rae and Lissie. She was a member of a cappella groups in high school and college for 6 consecutive years, during which one of her originals won "best song" during one of the final competitions. Post college, she entered into several West Coast Songwriter competitions where she went on to win two ‘Best Performance’ Awards and one ‘Best Song’ Award in separate Bay Area chapters of the organization. She recorded an EP of some of her original music in the Spring of 2012, which featured virtuoso guitar player Miles Schon, son of Journey's Neal Schon. One of the songs was featured on Bay Area's renowned radio station KFOG, for their 'local scene' month. Since then, Emily moved to LA and started collaborating with several different Grammy-nominated producers. She is constantly honing her songwriting skills, building her original music catalogue and plans to start releasing more music very soon.

Morrison Conway

Originally from Portland, OR, Morrison Conway is an acoustic-styled singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who strings together punk rock influences from his youth with a Jack Johnson inspired beach sound. Conway's debut album, There and Then, features tracks written over the last several years that draw on his nostalgia for what was and an appreciation for what is.
Conway also features as singer and guitarist in the LA-based electronic indie rock duo, SAVOIA, who can be found performing at venues like The Mint and Silverlake Lounge.

Los Angeles based band The So Lows began as a serendipitous songwriting collaboration between Ronnie Rael and Molly Miller. Their shared inspiration ultimately led to the creation of their first effort as a band, Alto, a 10-track album of all original material. Alto is the result of The So Lows' unwavering dedication to make authentic, emotive and unapologetically raw music. With a deep love for rock n roll, the band’s appreciation for everything from rhythm and blues, to country to proto-punk is evident in their unique sound. Self-produced and recorded with the help of engineer David Cragin at his New Mexico studio (Santa Fe Soundworks), Alto is an ode to rock n roll and cosmic soul.



  • 8:15 - Emily Rath
  • 9:15 - Morrison Conway
  • 10:00 - The So Lows

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