Bat House

Bat House

Bat House is a quartet of humans creating a shape shifting brand of psych rock. Growing from the gritty and colorful world of Boston’s music scene, the music they create pushes the envelope, shifting in and out of its psych-rock core by playing with jazz, punk, pop and electronic sounds. The band is a vessel for soundscapes that flow between complexity and minimalism. Witnessed live, their performances scoop you up and transport you to a different dimension -- where you are locked into the hypnotizing grooves radiating from each member of the band. Meeting in Boston during their college years, Emmet (Los Angeles), Alexandra (Las Vegas), Shane (St Petersburg, FL) & Kate (Indiana) all come from far reaches of the United States to bring uniquely different life experiences and influences to the musical process. Their debut ‘self-titled’ album was recorded entirely by the band in their cavernous basement turned DIY music venue/recording studio located right outside of Boston in Rat City (a.k.a. Allston, MA). Their latest EP is due out Fall 2018.

Jelani Sei

One of the few bands in the northeast that play a crazy set of bottom heavy music, strong enough for layers of ethereal guitars and emotional vocals that ask you to get up and proceed to push you into your soul. Jelani Sei are a group of individuals who are constantly searching the realms of harmony to find that new groove.

The band, originally formed as a solo project of bass player Evan Lawrence, has evolved into a full force that has been playing all over New England, as well as New York City and Philadelphia. In the process of expanding their coverage of the US, they've created their own sound, self dubbing it, Progressive R&B.

Jelani Sei recently released their second EP entitled, "Kaaria," a four track encapsulation of their musical growth from their previous releases, as well as a conversation of the current state of the world. Jelani Sei represents not only unity, but love, passion and a drive to push oneself beyond limits they didn't think they were capable of.



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