Ill Camille

After building her name up through LA’s underground, Ill Camille took a professional hiatus due to hardships that forced her to grow both personally and musically. Always stressing the importance of God and family before everything else, since finding the light at the end of the tunnel she has designed Heirloom as a collection of stories dedicated to keeping her head on straight in the midst of turbulence.
Ill Camille’s divine mission to uplift the world through Heirloomis an extension of ancestry that includes musicians and fighters whose spirits make her art a necessity.Translating her tumultuous past few years through cathartic soulful Hip-Hop, creating this album was key to maintaining her sanity as she notes “I don’t think I had a choice in the matter”.
Despite self-awareness being at the core of who Ill Camille is on and off of the mic, the bittersweet beauty of her most introspective release to date is the life struggle contained within her songs.Heirloom details all she’s experienced since 2012’s Illustrated, from losing relatives to incarceration and death, her own health complications and mistakes made diving headfirst into love and lust.
Evidenced by Heirloom’s lead single “Almost There” (which features recent TDE signee SiR), and her follow up “Home”, Ill Camille is able to shine by simply relaying her innermost truths for the world to relate to. Never overthinking the process in figuring out her path, she says “I let the spirit in my feeling guide me in everything, I didn’t plan anything out. Your music should reflect the mental space you’re in at the time, I have a moral obligation to put that on my records.”
A window into Ill Camille’s upbringing, last four years and days to come, Heirloom represents a rebirth with her continuing to evolve as a woman before being a warrior. In the end, inner strength and communal support triumphed over her setbacks and obstacles, with Camille summing up the experience saying “I was inspired to finish this project because I owed it to myself and the people around me the respect to show my appreciation for them.” Having used pressure to form a diamond, this latest body of work promises to speak for past, present and future generations of confused souls determined to become hopeful survivors.

Tokayo (Swarvy x Versis)

Swarvy x Versis


Her soulful voice, Melanin skin, and eccentric style will capture your eye. Deep bass, electric pianos with a splash of synth commands your attention.

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