Julia Caesar

Julia Caesar

Julia Caesar draws inspiration from the transforming music industry, in which femme and queer musicians are pioneering new territory, creating new genres and re-writing the rules of the game. Julia Caesar weaves swelling harmonies through wandering melodies, heavy abstraction and explosive optimism, stirring up what might be trying to hide. Both haunting and deeply familiar, their music cuts deep, and lingers. Combining the talents of Katy Hellman (bass/vocals), Liz Stafford (guitar/vocals), Megan Rice (guitar/vocals) and Steven Lebel (drums), the group experiments with sounds and words, to make the mind bend and the body move. Based in Burlington, Vermont, Julia Caesar has shared the stage with the femme led powerhouses of Caroline Rose, And The Kids, Kat Wright, and Hammydown.

Lucia Bloom

Lucia Bloom aka Mother Tangent: 24 year old , singer-songwriter from Middlebury , Ct. Aspiring to connect listeners through honest lyrics and soft sound. I believe that the most important aspect of any art medium is vulnerability. I hope you will hear something that you can hold onto. Find me on Instagram : ezbuckoven ! Hope to see you soon!

Leila Crockett

Leila Crockett is a long time New Haven resident, with an early background in orchestral and jazz trumpet. Leila composes all pieces on guitar and piano with many influences, though she has studied many composers spanning from 1920 to 1940. Her writing style draws heavily on socially conscious ideas and personal experience which often comes off as honest and raw. Her voice has been compared to torch singers of old and has been referred to as angelic.


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