Corey Smith, the fan-made man, has sold over 1 million concert tickets, 1.5 million digital singles and over 220,000 albums. Smith has amassed an unfailingly devout fan base, not only in his native Southeast region, but all around the nation, simply by telling it the way it is. He has released 10 albums—including 2011’s Top 20 release The Broken Record. Corey has written every word on every album himself and he produced 9 out of 10 of the records. In Summer 2015, Corey teamed up with producer Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band) for his album, “While the Gettin’ Is Good,” which was released on Sugar Hill Records. Smith’s concerts, which were documented on his last live record, Live in Chattanooga, regularly sell out, with audiences singing along to such fan favorites as the coming-of-age anthem “Twenty-One,” the nostalgic time warp “If I Could Do It Again” and the group hug “I Love Everyone.” Corey consistently tours, hitting around 120 dates per year and has begun releasing singles from his upcoming project, the Great Wide Underground.

Every country singer/songwriter has a unique path that leads them to Nashville. Wide Open Music’s newest signee, Matt Stell, is no different.
Stell was a star basketball player in college but his coach, who has since become a big fan, did not want him playing out and taking his attention away from basketball. As any musician knows, when it is in your blood you do what you must to live the dream. Stell created an alias, Paul Wayne Walker, so that he could do just that….develop his passion on the stage. As his basketball career flourished so did his popularity in country music. In addition to playing over 100 dates a year he began writing songs for the elite artists of Red Dirt music.
Always the multi-tasker, Stell went on to get his masters degree while delivering chart toppers for Red Dirt star Casey Donahew. Artists like Cory Morrow, Bart Crow and the John D Hale Band were also the beneficiaries of Stell’s writing talents “Texas Music has an independence and freedom that is like no other. I feel really comfortable there. About three years ago I decided to come to Nashville with the goal of growing as a writer and learning from the vast wealth of songwriting talent that exists here. ” Enter Wide Open Music’s Ash Bowers and Amy Hendon Scott. They immediately saw the spark that Stell possessed in both songwriting and performing. Wide Open Music signed him to a publishing and artist development deal. “Matt is so talented. When you see how he commands his audiences it is clear his future is extremely promising,” praises Hendon Scott, A&R director for the company. “We knew we wanted to be a part of Matt’s career. It is limitless.”
The Center Ridge, Arkansas native has fit like a glove into the Nashville songwriting circles. “When I write, I love to interact with diverse characters and see the world through unique perspectives,” says the hard to miss 6’7 crooner that goes by the nickname, Stretch. “What I feel leads to really successful co-writes is being able to draw from writers world views and experiences that might be different than mine.” Co-writers often say the same of Stell, who brings insightful point-of-views of his very own to the table when he writes.
“If I had to choose between playing shows and writing songs, I honestly don’t know which way I would go,” said the man that considers himself equal parts songwriter and performer.

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