Andres Taboada

Andrés Taboada was born in Peru, but when he turned 16, his parents sent him off to boarding school in Germany, where he learned he wasn’t white. After going to college in California and working as a teacher in Southeast Asia, he eventually came back to the States, and Miami is where he performed stand up for the very first time. Andrés now lives in Los Angeles, where he recently won the Funny and Foreign-Born Showcase at the Glendale Comedy Festival. He also won the award for Best Comedic Actor at Miami WebFest for Miami Mic Boys, which he wrote, directed, and starred in. He's had too many twisted lives in a few different continents and is more than happy to make you laugh about it.

Matt Byrd

Mad House Favorite Mr Matt Byrd

Zoltan Kaszas - Winner Seattle Comedy Competition Winner - The San Diegos Funniest Person Contest

Comedian Zoltan Kaszas was born just Zoltan Kaszas in Budapest Hungary.

Nineteen years later in San Diego, California he added “Comedian” to his name by stepping on stage and cracking wise.

Over the last few years his wise cracks have won him, The Seattle International Comedy Competition, The San Diego Comedy Festival, San Diego’s Funniest Person Contest and The Rockstar Energy Drink Comedy Throwdown.

He tells jokes in non-contest formats as well, so come and see Comedian Zoltan Kaszas live!

$15 - $30


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