Story District:  One and Done

Story District: One and Done

Settle in for a night of 100% true stories about learning lessons the hard way. In "One and Done," eight Washingtonians take the stage to tell their stories about things they can't or won't ever do again. Hear eight 7-minute true stories that will make you laugh, cringe, and sometimes tear up. Featuring stories from Susan Farris, Sarah Weber, Ronald Young Jr., Annē Linn, Cody Pomeranz, Kirk Schlafer, Justin King, Nick Semanko. Hosted Stephani Garibaldi.

Story District continues its 20 year tradition of showcasing locals telling original true stories on a common theme on the second Tuesday of every month. Be prepared to laugh, think, and possibly tear up as you listen to eight 7-minute true stories about learning your lesson or doing something you would never do again.
Story District has been called the "gold standard in storytelling" by The Washington Post. Expect a mix of hilarious and heartwarming, light and heavy, but either way, please come to listen and be open to how these stories connect us to our common humanity.



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