Danny Fishman

25-year-old singer-songwriter Danny Fishman mixes Americana, rock, and folk influences to craft music that is both distinctly his own and immediately familiar. His debut EP, What I Meant to Say, energetically narrates coming of age stories that reckon with heartbreak, identity, and the rediscovery of hope. Danny’s catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics make the vulnerability at the core of each song uniquely accessible to his listeners.

Danny's live shows are marked by his inviting stage presence and heartfelt performances. He interweaves humor and sincerity to create a welcoming atmosphere for his audiences. As a part of the rising singer-songwriter scene in New York, Danny consistently plays all over the city in popular venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End. Though based in Brooklyn, he has also performed in Nashville, Austin, Denver, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In early 2017, Nikhil Dasgupta’s rock band endeavor lacked cohesion and purpose, and was eventually abandoned as its members left town or quit. In the aftermath of this first take, the remaining members of what was now called SnugHouse (a term of endearment for their rehearsal space above the Snug Pub on Portland, Maine’s east end) decided they would pursue a new identity. Overnight, Nikhil’s background in vocal arrangement, combined with Alex Millan’s folk-oriented bass sensibilities and the singing backgrounds of the other two members (then Tom Peabody and Oriana Farnham) turned a confused alt-rock group into a folk quartet with an indie pop twist. At their first live shows, it was immediately apparent that they had found a spark. Suddenly there was no noise in the way of their songs, which, when laid bare in front of an audience, revealed a purposeful simplicity and bold voice. The group came to prioritize the craft of songwriting above all else, a philosophy with which they recorded and released their debut self-titled EP in the July of 2017.

Within a few months, word about SnugHouse had begun to spread. Popular house shows turned into residencies at bars and breweries, which soon became regular appearances at some of Portland’s biggest local music venues. The band rapidly became a local favorite, garnering the attention and praise of local radio DJs, music bloggers, and columnists alike. Carefully crafted vocal arrangements and raw, emotional songwriting were consistently recognized as their strengths.

Today, SnugHouse is Nikhil and Alex, joined by Rosie Borden and Laura Pauline in the fall of 2017 as songwriters, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. Their live shows span a broad range of energies and emotions, highlighting the talents and personalities of each member. In recognition of the band’s past, they embrace change as a catalyst for creativity instead of an obstacle in its way. In truth, this story has barely begun.

SnugHouse’s debut, self-titled EP is available on Spotify and iTunes. It is an honest reflection of their live performances: a set of five sparse arrangements, painted in a pallet of muted colors, that holds a respect for songwriting above all else. A second record is in the works with producers Darren Elder and Jonathan Wyman of the Halo Studio, with plans for a much broader and more public release in late 2018.



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Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.

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