Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car

Made up of CRegg Rondell (Vocals & Acoustic 12 String Guitar), Mike (Guitar), Bill Gower (Bass), and Drummer Johnny Ransom, former Wind-UP Records recording artists BOY HITS CAR are known for playing the sickest, loveliest, ugliest, prettiest, most beautiful, melodic, heartfelt music that the band dubs "LoveCore". Their self-titled debut album was released in 2001 and included the hit single "I'm a Cloud."

These Los Angeles natives have toured with System of a Down, Incubus, Papa Roach, and Flyleaf to name a few, and were featured on the 2001 SnoCore Tour, as well as a few dates on the '06 SnoCore tour w/Seether and Shinedown. Haven gained a reputation of having one of the most powerful and captivating live shows, the boys have also made their way through Europe on their own headlining tours and played main stage slots at European festivals such as Reading and Leeds in England and Germany's Rock Am Rink and Rock Im Park, to name a few.

Their new album "The Passage", (self-financed/co. produced), features the single 'Escape the World', which was added to Atlanta's most cutting edge modern rock radio station, 105.3 'The Buzz', and without the help of any record company, managed to climb to #2 as the most requested song!!! When you hear track 3 off "The Passage", (officially released stateside in summer of 2006 through Rock Ridge Music), you'll see why...

Swamp Rats

I Am Narwhal

Cody Schmidt is the "I Am" of I Am Narwhal (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals). This sea cow crafts soul-searching lyrics to swoon over you and string twinkling twinkles to tickle you. Truly a spirit hovering over the water. But watch out! This full-bodied narwhal of a performance packs a prick! With heartsick hits like "Another" and gnashing anthems like "Lying Bastard" Cody will keep your ass planted on the edge of its seat, unless you're standing. Core Da Lane, Idaho is where Cody coughed on his first cigarette but has now matriculated from sound school to unleash on the Denver Scene.


The CRIKKEN squad is frontman Christian Reed (Vocals, Casio SA-5, Casio SA-2, Casio PT-1, Boss RC-2) backed by Cody Schmidt (Electric guitar, Voxxx). In his youth CRIKKEN spent his time hiding in and emerging from brush and ceramic pots just for frikkin kikks. Now he's emerging on stages around the US to show us that keyboard trikks aren't just for kids. He hails from Tulsa Oklahoma (wherever that is) but don't worry... his mandolin is broken and collecting dust. Join the spectacle and hear hit singles "Testergen" and "Wattle and Doobie" or don't, its entirely up to you. CRIKKEN is partnered with Boobswing Pertaculer records and is pioneering the No-Fi sound.

$8.00 - $100.00


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