Slow Hollows is a four-piece from the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles. It consists of Austin Anderson, Jackson Katz, Aaron Jassenoff and Daniel Fox. The band was started in 2013 by Anderson. Slow Hollows are currently finishing their new record, 'ACTORS'. In the past, Anderson has collaborated with Tyler the Creator on both 'Flower Boy' and 'Cherry Bomb' as well as Frank Ocean on 'Blonde' & 'Endless'.

On the surface, Locus Pocus is five boys in a rock band making music on a coast historically infamous for producing rock bands.

That’s a reasonably adequate narrative, just like the term ‘indie rock’ is a reasonably adequate term to use to describe the the quintet’s music. That being said, it achieves only the bare minimum to convey the actual reality of the music. From the beginning, Locus Pocus’ music was a postmodern pastiche to the core. It was the kind of music that could only have come from classically-trained musicians who nonetheless remained convinced of rock’s power as an outlet for bravado, entertainment, catharsis, and mania. Consider the member’s steady diet of pop, their winking fascination with so-called dad rock, the incubator of the hyperactive Bay Area music scene, and you’ll get something closer to reality.

Maggie Y/O

Lo-fi beach pop vibes with a sprinkling of soul. Frequent collaborator with rad people and lover of all things fresh. One half of What Color.


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