Durango Songwriters Expo Meet and Greet

Durango Songwriters Expo Meet and Greet

We all need to be inspired to create. Few things are more inspiring than spending quality time with smart, talented, like-minded people who understand what you do...and are passionate about it, in fact. You WILL be inspired at the DSE.

Do you really know what's going on in the "industry"? (It's changing!) Have you been honestly critiqued by more than your friends, family and current fans? We learn through failure, through trial and error. You have to be willing to try yourself against your peers so that you can get better at your craft, your art, your job. You'll LEARN at the DSE.

You will be motivated to create, produce, direct and manage more projects by the time you leave the DSE. You will not only see that you CAN do it, you'll be more inspired to do it...and you'll be far more equipped to take action, to "just do it."

AND limited to 200 attendees with 30-40 top music industry people there to help YOU.

Since 1996.

No Cover!

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