Amie Boyd is a high energy, open format DJ based out of Kansas City.

Etho Escobar AKA Suge White

Vinyl Richy

Vinyl Richy has been dedicated to the DJ, remix and production game for 11+ years. Buying his first records in the eighties, Vinyl had no idea he would end up choosing DJ'ing and music as his career more than 10 years later. From 2000 to the present Vinyl Richy has rocked more than one thousand different gigs and shows from nightclubs to parties and other countless events. Vinyl Richy also has experience doing mixshows on commercial radio, college radio and internet radio on stations. With the start of his first radio show he was introduced to the industry side of DJ'ing and has built relationships with everyone from record label executives and promoters to DJ's/MC's and radio personalities.

Vinyl Richy has been staying on top of his production game as well has his DJ'ing game creating remixes and mash ups of all genres including Hip Hop, Top40, House/Electro, Rock and Retro tracks. In June of 2008 Vinyl Richy teamed up with DJ and Remixer "CEO" to create mixes for's website as well as After 15 months of hard work and dedication they climbed the charts to #2 artists of all time. This gave both CEO & Vinyl Richy the opportunity to join the exclusive ranks and become official remix artists.

Ten years into the game and industry marks only the beginning for Vinyl Richy. His goals are to travel the world and DJ as many cities and clubs possible while steadily climbing up the charts at In a world of sub-par DJ's with far too cocky attitudes, Vinyl Richy is a humble, hard working DJ who strives to be the best at what he does, whether behind the turntables, producing remixes or networking in the industry.



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