The Mots Nouveaux

The Mots Nouveaux

One blustery matinee afternoon in late 1929, on the black and white parquet of a dingy midtown nickelodeon, Aaron Beaumont and Emma Fitzpatrick ran into each other for the first time. Literally. Returning to his post after a smoke between pictures, Aaron, the pianoman, took a fast corner and sent three orders of buttery kernels all over Emma, the popcorn gal.

A decade later, they possibly spotted each other again at Café Society, but were a few too many sidecars and sherry flips, respectively, deep into the evening, to be absolutely certain.

They passed each other anonymously during a midnight ramble on the Bayou in 1953, each humming a chorus of "Tipitina." It was their first duet.

And again in 1964, doing the jerk at the Chit Chat Club in Detroit.

And outside a Sausalito Sinclair Station en route to the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

And at the Winterland Ballroom, Thanksgiving, 1976.

(You get the idea.)

When they bumped into each other one last time in some remote, abandoned corner of Myspace in 2009, Aaron concluded that enough was enough and finally introduced himself (not to be too forward). Emma thought he was pretty swell and decided they should write songs together. Aaron heard her sing and decided this was true.

They’ve been writing, performing, and arguing ever since.

Rodrigo Aranjuelo

Rodrigo Aranjuelo is a musician ( guitarist, singer-songwriter, and composer ) Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 18 of 1977.

Raised in a family of musicians, he started playing guitar at 7 years old.

He began performing professionally at the age of 14 with "Bongo" Farias Gomez, one the biggest referents of the Argentinian folklore. And with him, Rodrigo made his debut in large scale Concerts like the legendary Cosquin festival with more than 10.000 people.

He was formed academically in the Technological Institute of Contemporary Music in Buenos Aires
and got a degree in contemporary music in 1999, Jazz, Latin, and Rock.

Working as a session musician he participated in many projects in Argentina and Latin America

In 2010, Rodrigo with a collaboration of Leo Mut released "Buenos Consejos", A double album of versions of The Beatles songs with important guests. This álbum was the first glance of his musical identity, showing a fusion of genres with impeccable taste.

In August 2015 he released his first solo album “Lost & Found“, composed, recorded and mixed in his studio in Argentina. This album is a journey that combines the deep storytelling of folk music, the drama of film scoring and of course, the emotion of Argentinian folklore.

In 2016 he moved to NYC, where he resides and works as solo artist and session musician while developing new compositions.

Among Savages is a living, evolving musical about one man's coming to terms with the trials and treasures of fading youth. With a raw vulnerability, American songwriter Peter Barbee creates a grandiose musical backdrop for his simple and candid style of storytelling.

An eclectic mix of literary and musical influences infuse his music with surprising and unorthodox orchestrations and bring a classic nostalgia to otherwise innovative arrangements. Reading much like the chapters of a novel, Barbee’s music invites us into a very personal yet universal struggle with evolution, identity, and self actualization.

Barbee released his first album “Wanderings Of An Illustrative Mind” in 2012 under the moniker “Among Savages”, and his sophomore album “Accounts of Friend and Foe” on July 21, 2017.



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