Renee Catrine w/Ingrid Oscarsson

Renee Catrine

Photo by Bonelli.

Renée Catrine hails from Chicago and currently lives in New York City. Having been in various bands throughout the years, Renée was eager to set off on her own to create her own music. She released her debut solo album on August 26, 2016 at Martyrs in Chicago.

Renée Catrine's music has been described as "hauntingly beautiful music with poetic lyrics of a keen observer" Reminiscent of captivating songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Marketa Irglova and Regina Spektor, Renée's debut album features sincere, thoughtful lyrics set to catchy pop/rock music and lush, orchestrated arrangements.

Despite not growing up in a musical household, Renée was always fascinated by how songs were constructed. As a kid, she would sit at friends' pianos for hours and hours trying to decode the chords and melodies to her favorite songs. She began composing songs with the band Reel Jem in 2005 and that experience sparked the passion to compose for and form her own group.

Renée recently wrapped up her debut solo album with engineer Nick Broste (Mucca Pazza) and co-producer Mike Przygoda. Her first music video is available on Facebook and Youtube.

Ingrid Oscarsson

Five years ago, singer-songwriter Ingrid Oscarsson took a leap of faith and moved to New York City from Chicago. She left behind friends, and a comfortable life to finally pull back the veil and be who she was meant to be.

Now she announces her emancipation, with the aptly titled EP, Break Free. It’s a masterful debut. With singular artistry, the record fluidly weaves indie rock, intimate folk, bluesy pop, sensual roots music, sparkles of glam rock and smoldering balladry.

“An initial EP – I found it to be a gentle metaphysical understated exploration of enlightenment. Her sound is a little punk and a little alt rock. For fans of Patty Smith, Mazzy Star, large crystals and palo santo,” says Heather Kropf, singer-songwriter.

“Break Free is about shedding the layers we shield ourselves with in order to avoid emotional pain, until the pain of not being seen is greater than the fear of shining in all your glory. It’s never too late to unapologetically be your authentic self,” says Oscarsson.



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