La Tunda, The Natch, The Lamb Bombs

La Tunda

La Tunda is a 21st Century power trio based out of New Haven, CT.
Front women Stephany Brown and Kriss Santala have a knack for writing super catchy songs with plenty of vocal harmonies, dissonance, and head banging riffs.
The girls deliver a heavily spirited diatribe of suburban rock sounds while
drummer Andy Beetham adds his special brand of funky and hard hitting beats; a natural compliment to La Tunda’s Sweet and Spicy flavor packet.

The Band is currently recording at Bird’s Eye Studios in West Haven and hope to release their first full length album this fall.

Influences include The Breeders, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, Nirvana, The Stooges, Buzzcocks and many more.

“The defiant teen twins of the Runaways and Everly Brothers delivered by the New York Dolls at Shonen Knife Hospital…with Loretta Lynn as the birthing coach.” -Peter Riccio, courtesy of Lys Guillorn

The Natch

(Hailing from NY, via Vermont, con bajo de Nueva Haven!)
The NATCH! are outsiders and cherish the middle finger. They play the music they want to and have a great time doing it. This energetic trio mixes heaviness with melody, dips it in psychedelic and sprinkles it with pop. According to Paolo De Gregorio—Editor-In-Chief of The Deli Magazine NYC, “The NATCH is a ... trio that plays some kind of deranged garage rock in the best NYC tradition: lots of attitude, big distorted guitars, crooked vibe and a coordinating wardrobe.” The NATCH! are thrilled to drop their technicolor rock hammer down in New Haven, once again!!!

The Lamb Bombs

LAMB BOMBS’ brand of rock psychosis has been flogging minds since the mid-nineties. A cyborg merging of proto-punk with proto-prog, has developed a band worthy of your musical fantasies. Driven by smart caveman drums, wooly rock guitar al dente, and psychedelic intrigue, LAMB BOMBS’ shows are a satisfying journey through the abstract goodness of Rock 'n Roll. LAMB BOMBS craft songs that, while usually short enough for the A.D.D./jaded crowd, challenge common notions of song subject matter: life as a cigarette, mistaking parents’ genders, waiting room propaganda, and ruminations of bi-polar hippy-dads, to name a fraction. With three full-length albums and an EP under their belt, as well as years of performances, LAMB BOMBS are a rock institution you should not miss.



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