Described most recently as "art-rock installation paratroopers" and "a studied form of New Wave anarchism" by Flash Art, a "Performance Galaxy" by Vanity Fair, "Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring" by Thrasher, "more accessible than other bands of its genre" by the New Yorker, and "the best band ever, straight up" by Tokion, Japanther (www.japanther.com) has always been a band apart, running the gamut from performance art to punk rock and back again. Pushing parties to the limit ("Lincoln Center punk-rock concert turned mini-riot" -New York Post), Japanther returns in 2011 with Beets, Limes and Rice, a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness. Following on the heels of Rock 'n' Roll Ice Cream (2010), Beets, Limes and Rice was again recorded in the hills of Los Angeles with producer Michael Blum, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna (Like a Prayer, Who's That Girl), Pink Floyd and Suicidal Tendencies. From Venice Beach to Rockaway Beach, this new album delivers a new urban punk rock dance sound that bursts with California sunshine and amped-up collaborations with Ninjasonik, Erick Lyle, Total Warr and John McIntyr. Beets, Limes and Rice was written in the midst of "It Never Seems to End," an 84-hour performance piece in Vienna, Austria for TBA 21; in Paris, Venice, during cross-country travel from Juarez to Brooklyn to Bellingham, and lots of airports in between.

"Ninjasonik are tha future. Jah Jah's the punk, Telli's the rapper, and Teenwolf keeps the beat spinning. Easy to love hard to hate (unless you're a hater), Ninjasonik come from a place of pure adulation for what they get to do and the good people they get to do it with. Rhythms and synths so filthy they make songs about pregnancy, aids, and tight pants seem like odes to the dancefloor and the company of friends. You already know!" -popmontreal.com

Slam Donahue

Slam Donahue is a pop band from Brooklyn. Members David Otto, Thomas Sommerville, and Keenan Mitchell would rather you listen to some songs than read this, but if it has to be this way: They write pop songs about how they are feeling and the anxieties of the moment. Having been compared favorably to Prince, The Cure, and Smashing Pumpkins, Slam prefers not to be compared at all. They are currently being courted to record their debut and all the attention and free drinks are fun.

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