Calliope Musicals is a cheerful psychedelic party folk band from Austin TX. Their high-energy live performance focuses on involving the crowd. A squad of musicians fill in their folksy roots with a mix of vibraphone, tribal drums, bass, lead guitar and explosive vocals. The band exudes feel-good vibes that aim to swallow listeners and spit them out as happier versions of their former selves.

Factual Brains

Bio: Factual Brains is the tangled mess of MIDI cables, effect pedals, and shattered drum sticks thinly disguised as a musical endeavor. Acting as a ringleader, folk hero Alec Schumann channels the inspirations of Laurie Spiegel, Sun Ra, Deerhoof, and the Nintendo 64 by frantically drumming and singing to a chorus of synthesizers, found-sounds, and audience inputs. The end result is very cool.

$10.00 - $12.00

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