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Carach Angren

The Dutch masters of horror are back! CARACH ANGREN will take you to the hell of war with their mind blowing third full-length "Where The Corpses Sink Forever". With bold strokes of eerily shimmering and whirring guitars, scratching dashes of fiercely rasping vocals, dabs of precisely rattling drums and a wide palette of grey and black sound hues, the trio creates dark portraits of supernatural landscapes that rival the masterful craftsmanship of Rembrandt, Bruegel and Vermeer in their vivid imagery and depth of detail. What started in the year 2004 with the paranormal cases of demo "The Chase Vault Tragedy" and soon after the "Ethereal Veiled Existence" EP (2005) quickly turned into the full blown local haunting of "Lammendam" (2008), which was followed by a stormy journey onboard a cruel ghost vessel entitled "Death Came Through A Phantom Ship" (2010). Although their music is clearly based on Black Metal, CARACH ANGREN developed a style on their own, more flamboyant and openly theatrical, which perfectly fits the cinematic horror concepts of the Dutch. This originality has been well received by critics and fans alike right from the beginning and CARACH ANGREN also gained a reputation as an excellent live act. Now it is time to open a new and even darker chapter with "Where The Corpses Sink Forever". Let these ghosts of war drag you under their irresistible spell!

Mors Principium Est

Melodic death metal band with members from Finland and UK.
Founded in 1999 (in Pori, Finland) by Jori Haukio, Jarkko Kokko and Toni Nummelin.


Melodic death metal band from Lahti, Finland, founded in 2013 by Tuomas Saukkonen.

Empyrean Throne

While traveling through the Nordic wastes of Scandinavia, Empyrean Throne was formed by vocalist Andrew Knudsen and bassist John Ashbaugh. The duo teamed up with skins master Dan "Danimals" Bruette to bring the percussion fury. After going through various guitarist line up changes the band finally recruited string wizards Mike Brennan and Bryan Schwarz into the fray. The most recent addition to band is that of composer and master-class cellist Kakophonix, who rounds out the team's current roster.

While performing under the banner "Of Legions", Empyrean Throne has literally exploded into the local Southern Californian metal scene, playing their second show as a band at the 2012 Summer Slaughter Tour in Anaheim, CA followed by two co-headlining shows with The Browning and Abigail Williams along with an appearance at California Metalfest later that year. But they have not stopped there. Since assuming their new mantle, Empyrean Throne has continued their live campaign alongside local Epic Black Metal allies of Xanthochroid and Highland, and as the direct support act for death metal titans Disgorge and the all mighty Cattle Decapitation at the 2013 OC Deathfest. In terms of their stage show, Empyrean Throne is just not a heavy hitting dose of blackened death metal, it's an experience with lots of personality, often ripe with multi-media theatrics that one would expect from a major label artist such as Dimmu Borgir. On the music side of the set OC Weekly described Empyrean Throne's sound as "A vicious mix of raw black metal and traditional death metal, akin to a fuzzier version of Behemoth."

During the first half of 2013 Empyrean Throne dedicated their time to recording their first release appropriately titled "Demonseed". The record is a concept release about the rise of the Anti-Christ, the destruction that follows in his wake, and the birth of the new world he leaves behind after his demise. Amidst the blasting barrage of Dan's double bass, the heavy guitars, epic cello orchestrations, and Knudsen's brutal screams, "Demonseed" will leave the listener wanting more. Lyrically "Demonseed" holds nothing back, diving into themes of heresy, warfare, possession, government enslavement, end times prophecy, and corruption. Engineered, mixed and master by Ryan Williams former bassist for The Black Dahlia Murder, and recorded at Winds of Plague headquarters Sound Temple Studio, Demonseed is well-polished record that is not for the weak of heart. "Our goal with this band has always and will always be to create nothing less than an all out metal assault", says Andrew. John elaborated further by saying "To put it simply, this record is a full on onslaught of organized havoc." Each member has their own musical background, which helps fuel the flames of creativity to produce a unique sound. "I started with the hardcore scene, then it just got heavier from there, the guitar guys are always giving me new grooves to listen too," says skins man "Danimals" Bruette. "We all have very eclectic tastes that seem to mesh well," says Andrew "Being Scandinavian, I am a huge black metal fan so I like to incorporate a lot of those elements into our music". Kakophonix added, "These guys have their act together, and being a part of this band is one hell of a ride. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Empyrean Throne."

Demonseed is scheduled for release on 12.5.13.

May the Dark Empyrean be upon you...


Theosis is a heavy collaboration of speed, melodic, and thrash metal from San Diego, Ca. Powerful vocals, hard-hitting double bass, and harmonized guitar riffs are what makes this band's unique sound.

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