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Kala Farnham

A pint-sized songstress set out into the world with one vision: to inspire and heal through the transformative power of music. Decades later, Kala has performed at listening rooms across the country, garnering numerous awards and media attention, including The Rhode Island Songwriters Association Performing Songwriter Contest 2017 winner and alumni of the prestigious Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project. Drawing from a classical education and a professional background in musical theater, Kala presents a hallmark reinvention of the folk tradition. Her passion for fairytales, ancient history, and storytelling draws audiences from around the country into the reinvented worlds of alternate times and places.

Arlene Wow!

Arlene is a first generation US born daughter of Cuban parents. Her mother and father came from Cuba around 1955 right before the nation’s fall into communism under Fidel Castro. During her early 20’s, Arlene joined Vertigo, a four piece original band from Hartford, CT. In 2006, she decided to take the solo route full-time. The original music you will hear celebrates the journeys we all take to honor our roots while navigating struggles and successes, sometimes leaving beloved places and people behind.

Victoria Lee Atkin

A songwriter, ukist, flautist, and guitarist from New Haven, CT.

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