Main Street Sweep, Sammy Kay

Main Street Sweep

The Main Street Sweep was formed in the summer of 2013 by founding members Tony, Dan, and former drummer Johnny Tyson. Kirby later joined on bass. The band put out one demo with Johnny and Kirby before they left the band. Alex Beisker joined on drums to fill the void of parting ways with Johnny. The band now had a whole new energy level. The Rev came to replace Kirby. These two guys gave the rhythm section a shot of coffee and a cigarette and that's all that was needed to get the sound we have today.

The punk roots, the rockabilly feel, the ska undertones, with the cool of Sinatra

We are The Main Street Sweep

Electric Mud

An early Krautrock band, stylistically akin to Eulenspygel, Drosselbart, or early Tomorrow's Gift, with a gloomy atmosphere, lots of organ, heavy guitars and riffing.

High Heels

Spooky-time garage-punk from Lancaster, PA



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