Irish Whiskey Tasting

Irish Whiskey Tasting

Come sample the authentic whiskey from Killbeggan Ireland!

Established in 1757, Kilbeggan is the oldest licensed distillery in the world. For 200 years the distillery produced whiskey that was loved all over the world, however sadly in 1954 due to the demise of the Irish whiskey industry, Kilbeggan had to shut its doors, halt production and sell the distillery. However, as the whiskey built the town, the town fought to save the whiskey. They could not buy back the building so instead they continued paying the distilleries license. Three decades later they were handed over the key and worked day in, day out to restore their beloved distillery. It is thanks to the townspeople of Kilbeggan that we can share this historic whiskey with the world again.
To present these fine whiskeys and to tell stories about how and where they're made Sinead O'Hagan, the Killbeggan Distillery Ambassador, will host 5 total events at the Great American Irish Festival.

Below is Sinead's biography

My name is Sinéad O’Hagan and I am the Killbeggan Distillery Co. Brand Ambassador for Upstate New York. I grew up in a small village called Hilltown in Co. Down, Northern Ireland and have since been fortunate to have lived in Scotland, Australia and now the USA. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in June 2017 with an LLB in Law with Business Management. During my four years studying here I was given the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the University of Sydney. Ironically, it was in Australia that I developed an interest in Irish Whiskey whilst working in an Irish Whiskey bar. This experience allowed me to see how positively people around the world perceive Ireland as a nation and Ireland’s status as a premium whiskey producer. This role sparked my passion to pursue a career within the drinks industry and it is a privilege to be able to work for a reputable brand like Kilbeggan Distillery Co.



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