Uncle Dan, Party Muscles, Sleep Tactics

Uncle Dan

Drunk punk band from Philadelphia

Party Muscles

Party Muscles are an indie rock band comprised of Colin Mccarry, Beau Everett Scott, Tyler Pursel And Joshua Strange. The band was formed by Colin and Tyler after the two begin working at a record store together, struck up a friendship and found they shared a mutual interest in melodic garage guitar bands like The Strokes, The Libertines, Parquet Courts and The Hives. The group melds an indie power pop sensibility with a trashy rock sonic aesthetic. They’ve just released their first single “She Goes To Juuliard” a song heavily inspired by the garage punk revival of the early aughts. Party Muscles are currently playing shows on the east coast and preparing to record their debut full length album set for release in December of 2018.

Sleep Tactics

From Philadelphia

Ex-members of Fight Amp, Papertrigger, and Young Statues



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