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Basic Printer

Basic Printer is an INDIETRONICA PROJECT based out of NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. It is the BRAIN CHILD of JESSE GILLENWALTERS and is brought to life with the help of AARON WALTERS, GABE MILLMAN and PETER FERGUSON.

Basic Printer is a foray of self-reflection into a hall of funhouse mirrors, utilizing everything from lush string arrangements to distorted synthesizers to color and present Gillenwalters' internal squabbles. Taking cues from modern pop, indie, and experimental music, Basic Printer reads as musically literate, eccentric, and carelessly joyous all at once.

Scale Model

Scale Model is a new wave, indie pop/rock band from Nashville, TN. They combine complex instrumental structure with unique, catchy vocal & synth melodies to create a sound that transcends the staples of pop.

Dave Johnson - guitar
Megan Rox - keytar, vocals
Steve Cross - drums

HR_Lexy is a female fronted, electronic trio based in Nashville, TN. The group's sound has been described as haunting electronic pop, with synth soundscapes, driving drum beats, and ethereal, dream-like vocals. HR_Lexy lyrically explores the pull between dark and light, humanity's relationship with nature, and spiritual awareness. Their live show includes symbolism and theatrical elements that further emphasize these themes. HR_Lexy recently released their second EP entitled Slaves to the Light in Oct 2016. The band's debut EP Nature Vs Neon was released in 2015

$8.00 - $10.00


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