The Great Orlando Americana Fest with Kaleigh Baker's Someday Honey, Bloody Jug Band, Wilted Chilis, Big Jef, Kevin Maines, Luke Wagner & The 441's, Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares, Johnny Debt, Jordan Foley, Layla Brisbois & More!

Kaleigh Baker's Someday Honey

3 St. Pete locals and a recent Orlando transplant have found a cure for the bedridden, diseased, indisposed, debilitated and more often than not, the downright disgusting case of the blues in Someday Honey. This musical warding off of evil spirits (in exchange for a boozy variety) is powered by Kaleigh Baker, Mark Cunningham, Matt Walker and Sam Farmer

The Bloody Jug Band

Founded in 2009 and hailing from Orlando, Florida, this 8-piece group has adapted traditional Jug band instruments like washboard, washtub bass, mandolin and harmonica to create their unique sound. The band has performed all over the South Eastern United States and shared the stage with notable acts such as Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Joe Buck, Edwin McCain, 3 Bad Jacks, Old Man Markley and many others...

The Wilted Chilis

The Wilted Chilis are a jam'esq band that has been abusing the Orlando area for the past 5 years with an acoustic assault of Rock and Roll. Applying their unique acoustic spin on Rock, Country, Metal and even Hip-hop classics, the Chilis will blow you away with an acoustic wall of sound!
The Wilted Chilis are:
Dave “Red Hot”
Frank “Smokin’ Chipotle”
Joe “Sweet Banana”
Brendan “No Poblano”
And Heather “Vixen Pepper”

Big Jef

Jef Shumard, of the classic Orlando cow-punk band Big Jef Special, playing his solo material.

Kevin Maines

Raised in North Florida, where gospel and soul music lay as thick as the hot, humid air, Kevin Maines brings a youthful vibrancy to the classic southern R&B/Soul legacy. Kevin’s debut album, American Hustle, received praise for its creative writing, playing, and production, as well as the strong musical maturity rarely seen in debuts. From deep and dirty Duane Allman-esque slide guitar rockers to sweet gospel-inspired falsetto singing, Kevin Maines doesn’t just play in the southern soul traditions, he consumes and then gives them back bursting with his own unique twist. From gritty to ethereal, this music speaks for itself.

Luke Wagner & The 441's

Luke Wagner, a Central Florida folk/singer-songwriter musician, backed by a full band of talented friends.

Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares

Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares is an outlaw country, blues, soul band with a touch of garage rock. Garage Country!

Johnny Debt

A Hobo-Nouveau, Florida-Balladeering, One-Bum-Band from Indiantown.

Jordan Foley

Jordan Foley is a singer-songwriter and also performs covers and original material.

Layla Brisbois

Layla Brisbois is a Central Florida Singer Songwriter who's pretty sure she was born singing, and she won't stop until the world hears her song.

Southern Fried Sunday

Southern Fried Sunday is a early laid-back evening for bands to gather and create & for music lovers to gather and enjoy! You'll hear bands of the Alt-Country/Bluegrass/ Rockabilly/Americana/ Folk/Country variety. Plus there's always great BBQ!



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