Blue Cactus

BLUE CACTUS makes country music for people who think they don't like country music and people who love what country music used to be. Based out of Chapel Hill, NC, Blue Cactus is led by Steph Stewart and Mario Arnez who create songs that range from gritty honky-tonk to heartbreaking balladry. After four years of making music in their acoustic string-band Steph Stewart & the Boyfriends, the pair began writing country music, and Blue Cactus was born.

Following their highly acclaimed, self-titled 2017 release, "Radioman", the new single from Blue Cactus is a departure from their classic-country inspired roots. In the place of clean Telecaster twang, gritty low-tuned guitars evoke apocalyptic spaghetti westerns. The broad scope and subject matter of the song conjure classic 70's space-rock epics. The duo's rich vocals ground the tune, recalling a sound that will take you on a familiar journey into uncharted country, expanding tropes and breathing hope into the genre's limitless possibilities.


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