RISE ft. Kirsten Arian, Ivory Layne & Kellie Besch

Kirsten Arian

A confident, radiant Los Angeles native, Kirsten Arian brought her ethereal pop sound from the west coast to the Country Music Capital Of The World, showcasing the sound of Nashville is moving progressively towards a new era. “Moving to Nashville allowed me to fall in love with the art of music and the incredible community behind it. A lot of people would laugh at me for moving to Nashville from LA to do pop music, but there is this huge buzz happening with pop in Nashville. Instead of being lost in LA, I get to be someone who helps build the pop community here, which is a thrill for me.”

She is, put simply, effervescent! “The goal is for my songs to sound like Rose soda: upbeat, light, classy and fun,” Kirsten says of her own music.

In her first Nashville venture, Arian beat out 400 contestants in Nashville’s Music City Breakthrough talent competition, establishing herself in a world of noise as a frequency to tune into. She signed to RareSpark Media Group and hit the studio to record her debut album Higher Than Heaven, most of which she wrote at age 18. Her debut garnered the attention of MTV who promised, “You may not have heard of Kirsten Arian yet, but, trust me, you will soon.” The album led to features on iHeartRadio’s 107.5 The River and Nashville’s independent radio station, Lightning 100. Popdust called the album “…one of the most alluring projects in all of pop in 2015.”

Opportunity knocked for Arian to write a song for The LEGO Batman Movie. She hit the ground running, completing the song “Invincible” in just 3 hours with her Australian co-writer and producer, Lindsay Rimes. “Invincible” comes out on The LEGO Batman Movie soundtrack on February 3, and the film’s theatrical release is on February 10.

Though she’s achieved great success in a little time, Arian remains grateful, counting her blessings, one of the biggest of which is that she gets to be a music artist.

“In the last few years of my life, I’ve felt more alive than I’ve ever been because of the risks I’ve taken and deciding to follow the spirit wherever it takes me,” she says. “It has been terrifying at times, but ultimately it’s led me to the greatest places I could have ever imagined. I want to help take other people to those places and remind them to be free. Life doesn’t have to be boring. Everyday can be some sort of adventure if you let it.”

Ivory Layne

Ivory Layne may be young, but her music is that of an old soul. Layne started
songwriting at age six but didn't take serious interest until turning fourteen. She taught
herself music production, working from her bedroom and posting demos online. In 2011,
her work caught the attention of Grammy award-winning producer, Ed Cash. The two
wrote, produced, and released her first EP, Volume One, in 2013. Shortly after, Layne
moved from her hometown of Denver, NC, to Nashville, TN, to further her artist career.
With her prolific lyrics and distinct musicality, Layne was quickly signed to a publishing
deal with LBK Entertainment, writing with top names in Nashville such as Jimmy
Robbins, Shane McAnally, and Lori McKenna. Her sharpness in the writer's room landed
her two global ad campaigns featuring her second EP's title track, “Something's Gonna
Happen” (2014), and gave her opportunities to collaborate with artists such as Andrew
McMahon In The Wilderness (Zombies On Broadway). Between her own work and co- writes, Layne also found time for session singing on various projects such as
Needtobreathe's single, "Brother." Her well-rounded skill-sets attracted the attention of
superstar, Justin Timberlake, who signed Layne to his artist development company,
Villa40, in 2015. Since signing, Layne has been hard at work crafting her next project in
the studio and writer’s room. Her music has flavors of her influences--Peter Gabriel,
Annie Lennox, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap, while also taking on a life of its own, an
authenticity unique to Layne. Layne travelled to London last fall to work on new music to
be released later this year.

Born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Kellie is a musician and emerging indie-pop artist who has chased her dreams all the way to Nashville, Tennessee. She has been studying music since she was six years old, writing songs since she was twelve, and now she has developed a style all her own marked by synthesizers, honest lyrics, and uncompromised creativity. No Country for New Nashville called her music “expansive pop” and “a beautiful sonic panorama.” Friends have called her music “synth pop for the intellectual listener" and "technical synth pop."

Her debut album, "Fierce Landscapes" is out now!

“Each song on the Nashvillian’s debut EP is colored with emotional and spiritual experiences driven by Besch’s lyrical voice and producer Nathan Gamble’s production.” -- No Country for New Nashville (Nashville)

“Besch’s music is easy to relate to and introduces compelling lyrics and music with the twist of her specific, independent style.” -- The Remnant (Minneapolis)

“You’re in for an emotional roller coaster powered by Besch’s outstanding voice and lyrical prowess. This lady is the real deal.” -- The 507 (Rochester)

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