More Dead Boys 1977

Dave Treat

At Space:ROCK Gallery, 15721 Waterloo Road, Cleveland OH 44110
Opening Friday June 29, 5-9 PM
and will run during the Waterloo Arts Festival on June 30, Noon to 7 PM
and will stay up through the Beachland Flea Market on Saturday, July 21.

The discovery of Dave Treat’s cache of early photos of the notorious punk progenitors Dead Boys left a large wake through the history of that gloriously ill-behaved musical genre. The photos depict that band in its infancy, cavorting through the ruins of ‘70s Downtown Cleveland shortly before their move to NYC and eventual CBGB punk rock infamy—not just documenting a band in the cusp of renown, but also depicting a sad but captivating look at a city in shocking decay. First, those photos became the subject of acclaimed exhibitions in Cleveland and Los Angeles. Next, those exhibits led to the creation of the book “Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat,” which Salon singled out as one of its must-read music books of 2017. Then, the autumn release of that book coincided with the Dead Boys’ unlikely-seeming but ultimately stunning resurrection for a critically lauded 40th anniversary tour.

The photos and the band will converge once again on Friday, June 29th, in photographer Treat and the Dead Boys’ hometown of Cleveland, OH. The band will perform at the Beachland Ballroom (15711 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland), and the photos will simultaneously go up for exhibit a next door at Space:ROCK Gallery (15721 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland). Treat has added about twenty never-before-seen images for this exhibit, all hand-printed by the photographer himself thanks to the Cleveland Print Room. But the now-famous alley shot that served as the inspiration for Glenn Brown’s image on the cover of the band’s LP “Young Loud and Snotty” will still be on the wall as well, as will rare concert photos from The Dead Boys’ 1977 Cleveland Agora show with the Dictators. The exhibit opens at 5 PM, and the concert begins at 8:30 PM, with an opening set by Cleveland’s teenaged garage-punk phenoms Archie and the Bunkers.


Photographer Dave Treat will be there with copies of his book "Dead Boys 1977 - The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat." He will also be selling photographs, Dead Boys T-Shirts, patches, and stickers.

Space:ROCK Gallery is located next door to the Beachland at 15721 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110. 

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