Wonderland Rangers

Wonderland Rangers

"Wonderland Rangers: Jubilant astro-rock melding Indie, Disco, Dirty Funk, Southern Rock, and 70's Art-Punk."

About Wonderland Rangers album Baby's Bread:
"A listen to this retro-power soul / space-rock / indie-pop record reveals what feels like a new Athens sound... peppery guitars, funky moog, deep bass, quirky cowbell and tambourine, and male/female vocal harmonies and raps overlaying dance-y kick+snare beats... A house party just down Nantahala Ave from Cosmic Thing, Southern Rock Opera, and Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?.... with nods to Funkadelic, Outkast, The Clash, Dee-Lite, Sly and The Family Stone, Neil Young, Pixies, Peter Gabriel, and Babe the Blue Ox. 99.9% Love with some added over-ripe flying fruit, and birthday cake shoved in the face by a hand with ruby-red fingernails, and tattoos of a unicorn and lightning bolts."



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