Live Looping: Emma Back "Little World" CD Release with Amy Obenski

“Raise up your eyes!” sings Emma Back.
This is her cry for our “Little World.”

Hailing from the rural hills of Vermont, Back brings her Avant-Folk, Live-Looping and years of vocal and violin training to the stage. She presents an evening of multi-instrumental performance that investigates how to heal personal and global conflict through bearing witness to issues of feminine power, racial and religious oppression, war and ancestry.

Back’s debut release “Little World” (May 2018) “soars on the strength of Back’s stunning vocals, sparse and compelling instrumentation, poetic lyrics and a captivating sound that conjures such singular artists as Andrew Bird, Rhiannon Giddens and Tori Amos while standing tall on its own unique merits.” (Tom Huntington, The Times Argus).

In Live performance, Back uses a loop pedal to create lush layers of vocal and string harmonies, accomplishing a sonic and poetic lyricism that reaches deep into the past and far into the future simultaneously. Whether she is tapping her violin bow on the mic stand, beat boxing, digging into a klezmer violin solo or whispering her haunting melodic stories, Back’s dynamic and passionate performance invokes in listeners a deep sense of intimacy and care.

Amy Obenski

Obenski’s songs are timeless. With lyrics about the experience of being human, her music has a way of connecting with pretty much anyone on a deeply personal level. She’s compared frequently to classics like Joni Mitchell and Carol King. And to describe her voice, it’s common to hear words like “Clear”, “Pure”, “Haunting” and “Mesmerizing”. She's most known for her song, Carousel, airing on the hit TV show, Grey's Anatomy.

Obenski is a California native. After growing up in San Diego, she moved to Santa Cruz for college (go slugs!) and after a fifteen year love affair with the town, moved on to San Francisco where she’s lived since 2012. She’s toured the U.S. and Europe, plus recorded and toured with her own French band (The Carbone Band), along with an Artist in Residence in Saint Herblain, France.

You can hear Obenski perform in a variety of formats. She’s performing frequently in San Francisco with her new energetic groove-rock band, Amy & The Elements.

On July 14th at The Lost Church she will use a looper where she can instantly record, playback and perform atop her own performance with harmonies multiple instruments and beat boxing.

$10.00 - $15.00


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