Jailbyrd, FireMelon

Jailbyrd is a three piece rock n roll band from Hollywood, CA. Formed in 2017 by childhood best friends Patrick Gardner and Spencer Backlar; the addition of drummer Drew Esselstrom rounded out the group. Influenced by the fast, aggressive drive of Motorhead, as well as the grungy, melodic riffs of Nirvana, they have created a sound all their own. Their mission is to show people that live rock n roll music is here to stay.

FireMelon is a rock and roll band. Pure and simple. No need for the latest hip term like “Americana” or “Alternative Country”. Rock and roll. A little bit of the Heartbreakers, a little bit of The Beatles, a little bit of the Stones and Elvis Costello with some Faces, Blasters, Beat Farmers, and blues added to the mix; and a lot of attitude and tone.
FireMelon plays original music mixing the individual styles of the members perfectly. The tones are sublime, the melodies catchy, the energy fierce. In the twenty years of playing music together members of the band have played in the smallest of bars in Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles, as well as opened for the likes of Dr. John and The Fabulous Thunderbirds.



  • 9:45 - Firemelon
  • 10:35 - Jailbyrd

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