Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits, led by Jonas Stein (formerly of Be Your Own Pet) is a group of three rambunctions dudes. Jonas, Matt and Dave all live in Tennessee and can't get enough of it. They enjoy this list of "things" very much:

1. A day out on the river

2. A day out on the lake 

3. Taking their shirts off

4. Shitting with the door open

5. Turkey hunting 

6. Riding and making love to motorcycles 

7. Walking around the house in underwear

8. Big ass titties

9. Goin really really fast

10. A good bar 

11. Bad jokes

12. Joints

13. Cliff jumping

14. Rope-swings

15. Cheap domestic beer

16. Big dogs

17. the farm 

18. Chainsaws

19. Turnin' it up really loud 

20. Paint mares

21. Hot tubs 

22. Porn

23. Cookouts 

24. Camping 

25. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Turbo Fruits have toured with Monotonix, The Black Lips and The Lovvers. Their 2nd album, Echo Kid, is on Fat Possum Records.

What press are saying:

Time Out New York: "Turbo Fruits' effortlessly tuneful swagger reminds you in a flash that rock & roll is an either-you've got-it-or-you-don't endeavor. This Nashville trio includes the guitarist from teen-punk sensations Be Your Own Pet but comes across as even more fun and raucous."

Nashville Scene: "We've not seen anything quite like it in some time, maybe ever. Pretty damn phenomenal."

Dazed & Confused: "Dwelling in the same booze-filled gutter of rock 'n' roll as The Black Lips, this side project from Be Your Own Pet is noisy, out of tune and completely amazing. Sounding like vintage Stooges and Lies-era G 'n' R, the teenage duo revel in making dirty, turbo-charged songs about being young and out of control."

American surf/ art punk band from Dallas, Texas.



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