In Syracuse, New York, one of the coldest cities in the country, four college friends brave the snow as they head to class. As music majors, the FLOTUS guys are never without their instruments on their back. A typical day is a culmination of ear training, ensembles, and music industry classes, but when the sun sets they can be found in a practice room for hours on end, or playing a basement set for a packed room of daydreamers. The volume is cranked, the tempo is up, and the energy becomes electric.

With a band name inspired by Michelle Obama’s Twitter handle, they constantly reinvent the acronym to be just as versatile as their sound. They challenge traditional genre labels by infusing classic rock influences with a new wave of funk and hip hop elements. Their debut EP, Sundance, was released on February 16, 2018 on all major streaming platforms.

Suga Grits

Suga Grits is a power funk and jam project from Washington, DC. Beginning as a trio,consisting of drums, bass and keyboards, the band has now expanded to include horns and a one of a kind vocalist. While the group itself is young, its members each have their own seasoned history in music. From theatre pit crews to weddings to jazz to rock to funk and hip hop, these guys have seen and done it all. As a trio, Suga Grits brought some serious heat to the studio and the stage, creating a sort of tribal vibe within their funk regime. Now, as a five-piece, the group has brought its abilities to new heights. The majestic voice of vocalist Dev Duff will lift your spirits on its own. But with the powerful, succinct drumming of David Suggs, grooving bass of James McCreavy, blaring sax of Dan Janis and creative keys of Turk Gaines behind him, the band is unstoppable. Their live performances are expanding into experimental realms, featuring improvisational mastery, funky solo sections and, most of all, a groove that is untouchable. Due to the longstanding relationship between the core three members, the band’s repertoire is extensive. Turk, James and David have played together for years, including wedding gigs, theatre pit crews, backing a local hip hop artist and more. These experiences allow the band to flawlessly adapt to any environment and bring any crowd to its feet. They have a laundry list of cover tunes at their disposal, as well as their own original music for display.

$8 + fees (Cash at the door)


Suga Grits: Power Funk, Jam

FLOTUS: Funky Rock Hop

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