The Living Deads, Death Valley Welcome Center

The Living Deads

Hillbilly Hellcats Drummer! Jealous boyfriend!! Guns!!! Stolen truck! Plane ticket! New Bass player!

The Living Deads take Do-It-Yourself to a new level. From living full time in their RV, designing and printing their own t-shirts, to booking their own tours, this band takes it all upon themselves and they are still ready for more………

With Randee McKnight on drums/vocals and Symphony Tidwell on upright bass/vocals, they have made a name for themselves across the U.S. and Canada by “Kidnapping” various guitar players after their guitar player quit on them at 3 am as they were leaving town for their tour.

This rockabilly duo set out to turn the tables on the traditional way things are done in a band. Normally, it is the guitar player/singer who makes the calls. The Living Deads would rather throw a burlap sack over the head of tradition and start making demands.

They have kidnapped Danny B. Harvey, of The Head Cat; Chuck Hughes, of The Hillbilly Hellcats; James Hunnicutt, of the Revolvers; Hank Hays and many more.

There is no telling who they will have next in their burlap sack, so don’t even think about missing a show when they come to your town!

Death Valley Welcome Center

Death Valley Welcome Center began in 2015, shortly after singer Linzi Holandes moved from the lonely deserts of Arizona to Iowa City, where she began writing songs with a band of local music scene veterans, including Louie Doerge (drums), Jonathan Hansen (guitar), Joseph McKinley (keyboards), Ben Soltau (bass), and Hannah Drollinger (violin). Inspired by Holandes’ powerful voice, the group draws from equal parts R&B and indie rock, creating a distinct sound that is soulful and moody, dark and anthemic. DVWC is currently developing their first studio album, which promises to be an audacious debut with instrumentation as grand and dramatic as Holandes’ voice.



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