Steven Bates Band

Steven Bates Band

Steven Bates Band plays high-energy, jam-laden, roots-rock with conscious lyrics and virtuoso guitar-playing. As well as being a rocker to his core, band leader Steven Bates has a wide vocal range and is a gifted and prolific songwriter. His original songs run the gamut from apocalyptic rockers and psychedelic jams to heart-felt ballads. Bates' songwriting and musicianship have attracted such veteran rockers as Gene Parsons (The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers), David Hayes (Van Morrison), Jon Faurot (Gene Clark) and Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa), all of whom regularly perform onstage with Steven playing his songs and have joined him in the recording studio, making superb contributions to his most recent albums.

Come party to the searing lyrics and scorching guitar that give live music fans a reason to get up and dance. The Steven Bates Band leaves audiences exhilarated, inspired and howling for more.

To date, Steven Bates has released four studio albums and one live recording; the new studio album is due out this Fall. To preview the music and learn more, check out these links:



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