Scenic Route To Alaska

Scenic Route To Alaska

Band from Edmonton, AB.

Tethered together by three brothers, (Daniel, John and Matthew Baron), Winnipeg's "FINN" (the Barons, Cody Iwasiuk and Darren Hebner) finds the common ground between "down-home" folk and indie-rock. At a very early age, the Barons were exposed to the honesty and raw musicality of Bluegrass, a background that now inspires the band's experimentation with instrumentation, harmony and hymn-like chord progressions. However, while the five-piece band hints at this nostalgic genre, their music departs from its simplicity and is best compared to artists such as Hey Rosetta, Band of Horses, Local Natives and Half Moon Run.

Founded in September of 2013, FINN has taken strides to establish themselves in Winnipeg's music community. In January 2014, FINN was excited to win a spot in Winnipeg's the "Uniter-fiver," an event put on by one of Winnipeg's most reputable cultural newspapers the Uniter. Soon after, FINN's debut single "Cold Comfort" received airplay on CBC Radio 2 and, in April 2014, FINN began to record their five-song EP. During their recording process, they had the privilege of working with great artists and musicians including members of Winnipeg's Dirty Catfish Brass Band and Canadian singer/songwriter Sierra Noble.


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