Year of the Cobra

Year of the Cobra

Year of the Cobra is a two piece stoner/doom band from Seattle, WA made up of Amy Tung Barrysmith on bass and vocals and Johanes Barrysmith on drums.


It would be funny to say that Spacetrucker hails from a planet 10,000 light years away or impressive if we formed from the ashes of titan rock bands. But the truth is we are from the Midwest and all rose from the ashes of bands who struggled and failed, putting us in a place to create a no-fuck-around sound and boiling our mutual musical tastes down to the basic elements that really do it for us: classic rock riff kings like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, combined with our love of stoner rock like Kyuss, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, plus a healthy dose of riffy grunge such as the Melvins and TAD. Beginning writing in March of 2016, we recorded our first 7 song EP in 4 June days at Encapsulated Studios in our hometown of St. Louis, MO. It was self-released on CD format in October 2016 and has been received well for its relatively small circulation; a Hellride Music review said "with a penchant for Stoner Rocks Classic era and a special proclivity for Grunge, they’ve got a sound and ambiance that’s ½ Fu Manchu and ½ Tad… big dumb lovable riffs with the 70’s stylings, Homme-esque solos coalescing with speaker-blowing crunch." Stoned Meadow of Doom described us "like a forgotten branch of the Fu Manchu family tree. Extra fuzzy stoner rock that's a cut above most of the competition… Like a hot rod with a fuzz pedal for an accelerator." Even in our short tenure we have locally opened for some bitchin' national touring acts like Jucifer, The Obsessed, Fatso Jetson, and Karma to Burn. We are currently working on our next full-length record Smooth Orbit, also being recorded and mastered at Encapsulated Studios.



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