WHY? Plays Alopecia

Why? started out as an alias of Cincinnati born Yoni Wolf, son of a rabbi and an art book editor. He discovered an abandoned 4-track in the basement of his father's synagogue and that layed the foundation of what would come to be known as his candytime-dissonant, singsong-suicide style. Yoni has been involved in several groundbreaking constellations such as cLOUDDEAD, Greenthink and Reaching Quiet as well as releasing a full-length solo album and two EP's.

In 2005 Why? expanded into a full band as Yoni brought on long time collaborators and friends Doug McDiarmid, Matt Meldon and older brother Josiah Wolf.

$15 ADV, $18 DOS


Venue Information: 

Parking is available in side lot (by Exxon)

No Smoking/Vaping permitted anywhere inside venue

Bags/purses will be checked at the door. 

Must have ID for entry 

If you do not have access to a printer, we can scan ticket from your cell phone. Be sure to have your brightness turned all the way up at the door. 

Children under 3 years old are Free. 

Kitchen is open during all hours of operation. 

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