Tone is an American instrumental Rock band from Washington, DC, formed in 1991 by Norm Veenstra and Gregg Hudson.
They are often subtitled "The Guitar Ensemble" for their simultaneous use of five or six guitarists.

Washington DC's Bound "fuses the grand qualities of post rock, the heavy heart of shoegaze and dreampop, and the weightiness of doom" into something "epic, intense and profoundly melancholic, balancing between gloom and hope with elegance" (destroy//exist). PopMatters hailed Bound's 2018 debut LP No Beyond as "an emotional and musical journey that places the listener face-to-face with their best and worst tendencies, their hopes and fears." It's the sound of everything rushing back at once, receding as fast as it came, and leaving more to linger - the story of how we're bound, for better or worse.

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