One of the earliest US black metal bands. Paul Ledney, Aragon Amori and Brett Makowski were three original Incantation members who left that band in 1990 due to artistic differences. They formed Profanatica that same year with John Gelso, who had previously played in Abomination and Toten with Paul Ledney. The band recorded two demos and some material for the upcoming French label Osmose Productions before splitting up in 1992. Paul Ledney reformed the band in 2001 with two new members. John Gelso rejoined the band in 2007 but left again in 2016.

Icon Of Phobos

The final days of 2010 were numbered, having brought forth the inception of the chaos that has come to be known as, Icon of Phobos.

From the depths of smoldering ash arose the psalms beckoning to the Mass crawling incessantly towards the light; the manifestos praising graceless excess of kings to their own realms; the songs of relentless dissonance, invoked to open the eye of perception.

With raging fires, a path is lit for those who have renounced their supplications, and sought the blessings of an igneous illumination.




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