GARBAGEFEST 4: A Benefit for Food Not Bombs

GARBAGEFEST 4: A Benefit for Food Not Bombs

The Washington, D.C. chapter of the international organization Food Not Bombs invites you to attend our 3rd annual music festival & fundraiser, Garbagefest. Our organization promotes a vegan lifestyle and uses food recovery processes to provide healthy meals to anyone with hunger in their bellies. We believe that homeless and low-income folks, veterans, anyone struggling, and even tourists all have THE RIGHT to a healthy diet.

If you're a reader, here's our story.

The D.C. chapter provides prepared vegan meals and take-away produce to our community every Saturday at Franklin Square from 3pm-5pm. We receive food donations from local businesses and we regularly provide support to other local food-based charities in order to make this happen. We also try our best to support local groups and movements, from a student-led sit-in at Howard University to the Women's March on Washington. Donations made during this event not only represent our annual operating budget but also our desire to expand our services.


Abby Huston - made of gold

Cherry Ames - a sonic pigpile

BabeRage - your friendly neighborhood lo-fi alt-rock girl band

The OSYX - the urgency of a sunset in a post-apocalyptic world

The Greek Police - Garbagefest advisory committee

A MARC Train Home - dream punk

XK Scenario - prog hop

I Against Eye - utmost intense and extreme Metal

Abby Huston

Cherry Ames



"The OSYX is fierce AF. Like their namesake, the legendary alpha female wolf “The ‘06” and her pack, The OSYX harnesses feminine energy to create something wild, powerful, and critical to today’s music scene. Five women have come together, bringing their own unique strength, musicality, and passion into one pro-womxn collective that creates shimmering signs that feel like a prism turning on its side. The music is singularly original, largely raucous and at times silvery - with melodic tensions and chemistries, harmonies and howls that make you want to join the pack."

The Greek Police

A MARC Train Home

Fuzzed out dreamrock down the street from Washington, DC

XK Scenario

I Against Eye



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