Cyanotic is a Chicago-based industrial rock collective fronted by Sean Payne that formed in 2002 and released its first full-length album in 2005. Cyanotic is known for its genre-blending work, which fuses traditional industrial beats and vocals with drum n bass, sampling and heavy metal to create a very hard sound. The band's lyrics contain many tongue-in-cheek references to transhumanism.
Cyanotic defines aggressive electronic rock, melding elements of metal, electro and drum 'n' bass to create a unique sonic assault. Breaking down the barriers between guitar and electronic genres.

Amelia Aresenic

Designer, performer, makeup product developer, professional party goer.

for all the emptiness

dark electronic music project responding to claims based on anti-reason.


DJ Replikant

Replikant is a dj/vj with over 15 years experience in entertaining and promoting.

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