The Live Ones, The Begotten, Larry Loud (Solo)

The Live Ones

Born in the poisoned gutters of NYC at the dawn of the millennium, the Live Ones are a ripping power trio playing wild garagey hard rock in the vein of such glue-sniffing forebears as Kiss, the Ramones, DMZ, and the New York Dolls. You might not have heard these songs before, but you won’t forget ’em! Not for the faint of heart or the high of class! Catchy tunes, howling vocals, a big beat and a sweaty Live show! This is rock’n’roll!!!!

The Begotten

CT's most seasoned punk trio, The Begotten featuring < Z L T > - has finally materialized and can now provide entertainment and background music for live Rock and Roll events, Rompin' Stompin' drinking contests, and Pinata Pounding Parties.

Z = Zoul aka Stephen Ellison, founding member of - and skin basher for The Dummy's (1976). Zoul, has been steadily engaged in working on his own music which he writes, arranges, and records - as well as playing rock and roll with The Rick Rivets Band.

L = Larry Loud, cofounder of - and axe grinder for The Cadavers (1976), and Last Supper. With the heart of a punk, when his hands hit the strings it often results in spontaneous and involuntary Ronsonesque consequences - which makes those of us who dig punk and LOVE Ronson...extremely satisfied. Loud is a highly respected songwriter and a much longed for guitar guy - who quite frankly just ...KILLS IT.

T = Tom Andrukevich, cofounder of - and bassist for The Survivors (1976), The Mill Valley Taters, and the region's favourite hockey hooksters, The Zambonis. Tom is a real cool kid who seems so laid back. When it comes to groove though, HIS bottom... just can't be topped.

Yup - these guys were there from the get-go fy self, starting their own little scene in Bridgeport, home of P.T. Barnum and Father Panic Village. Rattling the very foundation of the criminally overlooked, often forgotten, and rarely mentioned - Hotel Saint George's basement Hell hole...The Snake Pit, shortly thereafter they merged their bands into the scene at New Haven's Ron's Place bar - which became CT's historical, premier punk venue. But hey...that was THEN, and this is now! Now - if you love Rock and Roll and you know you do...check out The Begotten - for they are not to be missed.



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